All members of the board are listed below. The board is made up of 8 volunteers elected at the AGM and the board can then co-opt up to 7 further directors. We currently have a total of 10 on the board of directors.

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Andy Grant:

Anthony O’Flaherty:

Gill Wilson: 

Janis Piggot Patterson: Originally from Scoraig, I moved to Ullapool in 2013 to raise my three daughters in closer proximity to the High School here. I’ve known Isle Martin since childhood and am excited about the potential it has for education and connecting the community to our land and sea.

John McIntyre:

Lesley Strachan – Chair (2017-): I moved to Ullapool from Glasgow in 1995 to take up the post of Teacher of Art & Design at the High School here. The idea was to stay for 2 years….and here I am – still in Lochbroom and still teaching Art. I have been a member of the Trust since the early days of the handover from the RSPB and over the years have enjoyed taking part in work days on the island and we spent a magical weekend celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday there with friends and family. It was through involvement with artist Julia Barton’s Littoral Project last year with High School Pupils that I began to see further opportunities for young people to connect with the island and it’s potential as a fabulous outdoor classroom. I also see the island as a place of inspiration for artists, writers and musicians and look forward to helping secure a sustainable future for this special place.

Lisa MacDonald:

Merlin Planterose: Having studied Jewellery Design in Dundee, where I achieved a 1st class honours degree, I returned to my home on the edge of Lochbroom in 2011 to set up in business designing and making jewellery in precious metals. As a child I spent many summers on the island with my father, the then RSPB warden, and have a strong personal attachment to the place. I would love to see people living there again, its a great place for kids to explore and learn more about the local ecology.

Robbie McFedries: I moved to Ullapool in 2014 to take up the post of Head Teacher at the High School.  My first real experience of the Island was witnessing the Litorral Art Project with the artist Julia Barton, where some of the school pupils brought litter ashore, towed in lines behind a skiff.  It was a surprisingly beautiful sight but brought home to me as well the importance of looking after our coastlines.  I then went to an Isle Martin meeting where I realised there were wonderful opportunities for all sorts of learning for our young people on the island.  I hope over the coming years to be able to help make this happen.

Tim Loftus: I graduated as a geologist, but have worked the last 20 years as a boatbuilder. I married my wife Alex, on Isle Martin in 2001 and am father to Megan and Hamish and spend any spare time in the hills or sailing on the west coast. Small islands have always held a fascination for me and Isle Martin is one of the best.’

Sheila Mitchell: Treasurer