A new addition to cope with a sudden flurry of questions!

Please note we have no paid staff, everything is run entirely by volunteers, so by all mean get in touch if you fancy adding data to the website!

  • Where is it? Approximately 3 miles north of Ullapool, in the North-West Highlands, next to Ardmair. It’s the island by Ardmair.
  • Who lives there? The island is currently uninhabited and has been since the 1980’s. There are 4 houses on the island.
  • Can I live there? No. Not yet. There is no electricity, unreliable running water, no internet and the houses need a lot of work to be habitable through the winter. You can let a couple of the houses as holiday lets. The board hopes to renovate at least one of the houses as a family home but this is one small part of a bigger Strategic Plan. We have a building survey telling us just how much work needs done!
  • Why isn’t there more information on your website? Long story but it involves someone (me) having a strop and trashing the old site as I wanted access to update it. Take note Alanis Morrissette.
  • When will there be more information on your website? When we find someone who can be tricked into updating it.
  • How big is the island? 157 hectares.
  • Can I visit? Yes. Volunteers will be running a ferry service every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July and August. Other dates may be possible by appointment. If you have your own boat then please make the recommended donation using the details on our Visit page. Our pontoon is 10 years old this year and we have had it surveyed and it needs quite a bit of work to get it through the next 10. If anyone has a spare £4000 then give us a shout!
  • Can my dog visit? Usually yes. Well behaved owners and their dogs may visit. Please be aware that there are ground nesting birds, so please use a lead if your dog is that way inclined! We have a no dogs policy for busy events. These events will always include a note of whether dogs are allowed or not.
  • How can I help? You can help by making a donation, becoming a member or volunteering. We are currently raising funds to employ an administrator and need to invest in the upkeep of the pontoon. We have no core funding and rely on membership fees, fundraising and donations.
  • Whats the Plan? We have one! Our Strategic Plan is drafted and we have pinned down the vision, aims and projects, thanks to information gathered from community engagement events.  It’s still very much in its draft stage though and we are not quite confident enough to publish it yet. The 5 main projects are the development of the Mill House into a Field Centre for the advancement of education in sustainability, giving students the chance to study the history of the island, its culture, heritage, archeology and ecology, as a microcosm of the Highlands. The building of 3 micro cabins will provide further accommodation for visiting groups. We will develop the New School, tin shack, into a micro museum of the islands history. We will develop the paths to create and network of interlinked educational trails, with Gaelic translation, on the islands history and nature. Our aim is to make these paths all abilities and upgrade services so that everyone in the community is able to learn from and enjoy the island. We would like to develop the Old School into a creative retreat, encouraging the continuing cultural story of the island  by providing a space for artists of all kinds to stay and work. So that’s our work cut out for us! To achieve any of these is going to take time and a lot of work, which is why we are building the case for the need of a development officer to push things forward.