This summer, despite the Covid-19 lockdown and ongoing social distancing restrictions, you can still join in celebrating the Scotland’s Year of Coast and Waters #YCW2020 by taking close up photographs of seaweed on your local beach. NOTE Closing date EXTENDED till Sunday  30th August.
Seaweeds have such interesting shapes, colours, patterns and textures. Stretch down and examine closely a seaweed where it grows or where it has been washed up to. Can you capture these qualities in a photo, perhaps with an interesting angle and framing?
All the photographs submitted (1 image per person) will be compiled and exhibited on Isle Martin’s social media platforms on the 5th September (the weekend that the Festival was scheduled to have taken place)

A selection of the photographs will be printed up and shown during the Isle Martin Seaweed Festival now being planned for 2021.
If your photograph is selected, you will receive a beautiful print of your photograph!

To enter the challenge:
1. Select your best image

2. Name the photo using Your name, the name you know the seaweed by, where you took the photograph and your email address e.g. Josie Bloggs, Kelp, Achnahaird Beach, and save it as a JPEG or PNG

(NOTE All these details need to be in the name of the photo when you upload it or we will not be able to contact you.)

3. Submit to the Isle Martin Seaweed Festival Dropbox using the link below

You will receive confirmation of your submission. NOTE: CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TILL 30TH AUGUST 2020

If you have any problems or need help to submit your photo please contact Ailsa on